Hooray for Homeopathy


About Me 

I am married and have three children. My first granddaughter was born earlier this year.

I live in Herefordshire in the beautiful English countryside on the borders of Wales where my youngest daughter goes to the Steiner school. Outside my professional life, I enjoy singing, writing poetry and short stories, yoga and outdoor swimming (or a daily cold shower if I can’t get to the river!). I also love inventing weird and wonderful fermented delights.

I am also a qualified yoga teacher with a special interest in working with teenagers and those affected by cancer, Reiki practitioner and massage therapist.

How I found homeopathy

I discovered homeopathy 23 years ago just after the birth of my son. He had such terrible colic. He was doubled up in pain and nothing worked – until I gave him a dose of Colocynthus (just the one!). The relief was immediate, I couldn’t believe it. I have been hooked ever since. Homeopathy has seen all my children through their childhoods and teenage years, the older ones into adulthood and my son into fatherhood.

My connection with Lyme disease

In 2013 I was bitten by a tick and developed severe symptoms of Lyme disease that could not be treated with conventional medicine. I was fortunate to find an amazing homeopath who helped me recover. She inspired me so much that I decided to become a homeopath myself so I can support others on their own journey to recovery.

Read more about my Lyme journey in my blog here: “Into hell and out the other side

Why I’m passionate about homeopathy?

Homeopathy saved my life – literally. This is why I called the website “Hooray for Homeopathy”.

Working as a homeopath means I will treat you as an individual and not just focus on your diagnosed condition. Lyme is every homeopath’s dream for this reason – no two Lymies are ever the same! I will help you learn about your own health along the way. I will recommend things you can do to support your recovery, and encourage you to take a hand in your own healing (you WILL get homework!).

Why you should work with me?

Because I had Lyme Disease, I know how it feels. I know from experience that it’s often suggested that “it’s all in your head” – it’s not! Your feelings are valid and your symptoms are real. Lyme is notoriously difficult to diagnose, stubborn to treat and hard to befriend. Yes, you will need to make friends with the bugs!

My Lyme is in remission now, so I know it can be done. I am also very aware of the importance of staying healthy after Lyme. I can help you with this as well.

For more details on how I work see my blog “Your first consultation – what to expect”