Another remedy which can be helpful at end of life stage is Aconite Napellus.

Palliative care end of life homeopathy
Aconite napellus is highly indicated for any type of fear and especially for the fear of death.
The extent of the fear is great in Aconite to the degree of being terror stricken.
In the Aconite picture there is panic and anxiety, restlessness and tossing about.
Oversensitivity to pains which are intolerable and cause despair.
There can be impatience and reproaching others whilst at the same time desiring company.
Music is unbearable and makes those needing this remedy sad.
The heightening of the senses that we see with Aconite can be common at end stages of life.
It a pretty plant with dark green leaves and tall spires of violet hooded flowers which bloom in mid and late summer.