Hello all, I’ve been doing some reading about end of life care these past few days and I came across this wonderful quote below. It seems from what I’m reading that dying, and even more so dying well, in our culture goes so much against the grain that there is little support. We hide death away behind closed doors and make its mention such a taboo that when we are faced with the inevitable we may feel like we have nowhere to go and no-one to turn to for help and support.
So, I turned to my repertory. Abandoned, neglected, lonely, isolated, helpless. They all have one remedy in common, Pulsatilla.

Our Pulsatillas are affectionate souls, with a tendency to depression. They can be tearful , shy and sensitive, moody and introspective. Pulsatilla also has in its remedy picture complaints from shock, grief and fright. All things we can encounter in end of life care and diagnosis as well.
Let’s bring death into the light.

“Dying well is the unthinkable thought in a culture that does not believe in dying and it will take as much courage and wisdom as you can manage to do it. Dying well is a life’s work” Stephen Jenkinson

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