I thought I would write about another of our fabulous Lyme remedies today.

Lyme disease rhus tox
Rhus toxicodendron (poison ivy) and its uses in the treatment of Lyme disease.
Rhus tox is a great Lyme remedy and the one we might think of first for joint stiffness which is relieved by motion.
There can be trembling after exertion and the limbs may feel stiff and paralysed.
There is heat and pain in the joints.
Cracking in the joints.
Finger tips have a crawling and tingling sensation.
Worse for wet, and cold and rainy weather. Also worse after rain.
Worse at night; when lying on the back, worse on the side you are lying on. Worse during sleep. Worse for rest.
Better for warmth, dry weather.
Better for walking, for motion and for changing position.
Better for massage and stretching the limbs.

These symptoms can be really common with Lyme and Co’s making Rhus tox a really important remedy.