A comment came up when I was on the Homeopathy for Lyme and Co-infections facebook page about the lymphatic system and how we can support it in homeopathy.
First a little bit about the lymphatic system and why it would need supporting.
The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body. It comprises the spleen, thymus, tonsils, adenoids, the lymph nodes, vessels and the lymph itself. This is a watery fluid which runs around the body collecting waste products for filtration so it can be deposited back into the blood vessels.

One of the things it is important for is filtering out bacteria eg our lovely Lyme bugs 🙂
There are a lot of practical things we can do to support the lymphatic system amongst these are: exercising, cold water exposure, manual lymphatic drainage, a good supply of clean drinking water.
But what about homeopathy?

Phytolacca is King when talking about lymph support but, there are also other remedies we can consider.
Ceanothus americanus: this remedy also supports the spleen and as is a specific for Bartonella this must be one remedy we should consider.
Some other remedies to look at are: Calendula; Taraxacum off.; Baptisia; Hydrastis; Lycopodium; Conium; Echinacea.
Two other remedies which I have come across are:
salvia miltiorrhiza (red sage, danshen)
Galium aperine (cleavers).
These both have use herbally for the lymphatic system and have been potentised, however I could find little information on these as homeopathic remedies. If you come across anything please do get in touch.