We are all different – in the words of Dr Suess, “There is no-one alive who is youer than you”. From our looks to our personality, likes and dislikes, our vulnerabilities, our uniqueness – we are all individuals and although we all share similarities and some common ground, our traits all contribute to our individuality.
This also applies to our symptoms of disease and health conditions. We all react individually to an external catalyst and therefore our disease expression is also completely individual.
In homeopathy we really respect and value everyone’s individuality and when we look at a person’s symptoms we are able to observe and distinguish symptoms which are both common to a particular condition and uncommon.
For instance, a throbbing headache is not an uncommon symptom, however a throbbing headache which extends to the root of the nose IS an uncommon symptom (there is just one remedy in this rubric – Hydrogen).
Uncommon symptoms are those which are found in just a few people with the same condition and they reflect the individual reaction of the person.
These symptoms really help us in our quest for a remedy which matches the individual – you!
When you come along for your consultation with your homeopath they are trying to discover not only the usual and commonplace symptoms of the condition you may have but also those strange, rare and peculiar symptoms which will help us to differentiate your youness from, the next person’s youness.
Your youness is what helps us to choose the right remedy for you – we don’t just treat the disease but we individualise