I wanted to talk a bit about detox pathways and specifically constipation.
Lyme disease constipation
In treating any chronic illness its vital to keep our detox pathways clear. These pathways are the liver, kidneys, digestive tract, lymphatic system, respiratory system and skin. They are constantly working to detox the body and keep it free from toxins. Obviously, what we put in has a huge effect on our toxic burden and we can help things move along by eating a supportive diet. Constipation can be a huge problem in Lyme as it obviously puts a spanner in the works for the whole system and makes detoxing impossible. But how do we keep things moving?
There are over four full pages of remedies in my repertory which can be used to treat constipation with loads of symptoms listed. Under constipation general there are over 200 remedies! So there is lots of help at hand. The most highly indicated remedies under general constipation are Opium and Aluminum oxydata. In Aluminum oxydata we see severe obstinate constipation. The evacuation is preceded by painful urging long before a stool is passed. There is great straining and even a soft stool is passed with difficulty. With Opium the obstinate constipation is seen again but this time there is no desire to stool. When it is passed the stool is round, hard, black balls. Faeces protrude and recede.
So many remedies to choose from – there is def something there for you if you suffer from constipation.