I thought today I would look at the problem of recurrent sore throats in Lyme disease.
Whilst sore throats can occur in initial stages of acute Lyme just after infection, it is also one of the symptoms listed in Richard Horrowitz’ 16 point differential diagnostic map. The sore throat can have a tendency to recur monthly and go in cycles but never actually fully clearing until the Lyme is addressed. It can be associated specifically with Bartonella (Buhner).
A sore throat can also manifest as part of the symptoms of a bacteria die off (more about that later).
Whilst a recurring sore throat will need ongoing care to look at the full case history, an acute flare up can be treated and palliated, and here are some remedies that can be considered.

Lyme sore throat

There are over 200 different indicated remedies in my Repertory and, of course, these will need to be differentiated to choose the best one for you.

Are sore throats something you are familiar with?
Funnily enough I am getting sore throat whilst preparing this blog!!