A bit about potency

The “correct” potency of homeopathic remedies is often something that we scratch our heads about.
I came across this really helpful acronym several years ago to give some guidance on how to decide which potency in which situation.


  • if the person we are treating has lots of modalities – this mean there are lots of things that make them feel, particularly better but also worse – then the person isn’t constantly and continuously feeling ill and so, they can be given higher potencies ie above 200c. If there are hardly any modalities, the person is sick all the time and so their energy is generally not able to cope with higher potencies

Organ involvement

  • if many organs are involved or have been removed, for example they have only one kidney or have had their gall bladder removed, then the eliminative organs are compromised and so the person often can’t cope with high potencies and it would be better to use lower potencies below 30c or LMs


  • a lot of pathology means the person is very sick and high potencies may cause too much aggravation


  • if mental symptoms are clearly observed then high potencies can be used

Energy levels:

  • if the person you are treating has low energy eg they are elderly or frail, they have just had an operation and are still in recovery, then lower potencies are better indicated – match the energy of the remedy to the energy of the person


  • can the person cope with what may be revealed emotionally from take a higher potency? For example if the person has deep pathlogy would they be able to process what may be revealed by a high potency remedy. If so, then a high potency may be indicated even if they have a deep pathological condition.

Hopefully this will give you some guidance as to which potency to use in different situations. If in doubt please consult your practitioner 🙂