Why do I potenise herbs?

I learnt this the hard way by taking a drop of Samento and herxing like crazy. It put me in bed for weeks. And, I learnt my lesson. That was, that the best way for herbs to be used for Lyme (especially the herxy ones) is to use them in potency. In this way we can use the herbs alongside homeopathy (we can do that anyway with herbs in their material form) and cut down the herx risk hugely.
In any case I tend to use potentised herbs that have less of a herx reaction.

There are so many herbs recommended for treating Lyme that we should be able to find a really good herb blend that can be potentised and introduced without any side effects.

For people who are super super sensitive (like many with Lyme tend to be) there are not only remedies which can help to address this (see my blog Oversensitivity to Remedies) but we can also introduce the potenitsed herbs in an even more dilute form and apply to the skin to pre-test for any reaction and introduce them even more gently.