Its not uncommon for us Lymies to experience a worsening of symptoms around the full moon. Whilst there is no concrete research that has been done into the reasons for this, in this article here Dr Klinghardt touches on this. He states that the Lyme bacteria re-enters the blood stream at this time. He goes on to say “worms dance/copulate during the full moon”. Sounds like they are having fun!
This would correlate with the thoughts of Dr Burrascano who observed over time that patients’ symptoms worsened every 4 weeks (although he didn’t observe where the moon was in its cycle at the time) and this was down to the reproductive cycle of the bacteria. Lyme spirochettes reproduce by splitting themselves. When they split, they expose the ribosomes enabling the spirochettes to be destroyed. When the bacteria dies it releases endotoxins causing the immune system to release cytokines which cause an inflammatory response and a herx reaction.
Stephen Buhner in his Healing Lyme book (P37) also concurs that Lyme symptoms tend to worsen around the full moon.
So how can homeopathy help?
In my repertory (Dr. Muprhy’s 4th edition, rubric: Clinical-generals, MOON, full, moon, agg (P2335)) there are over 60 different remedies listed and ten highly indicated remedies.
One of these remedies is Luna.

Made by exposing a glass plate containing sugar of milk to the moon’s rays.
This remedy is particularly indicated for insomnia around the full moon, dreams and nightmares, migraine headaches, rapid pulse with a suffocating sensation around the heart, swollen feelings in the limbs, unbearable itching. Conditions are worse before and after full moon, during increasing moon and from exposure to moonlight.