Heavy metals

Heavy metals in Chronic health conditions – how can  homeopathy help?
Heavy metals occur natural in the earth’s crust. And whilst some heavy metals are essential for bodily function eg copper, selenium, zinc, heavy metals can build up in the tissue and lead to toxicity at higher levels. This build up is called “bioaccumulation” and happens when heavy metals are stored in the body more quickly than they can be excreted.
The most commonly found heavy metal toxicity is from mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead.
From a homeopathic point of view its essential before starting a detox to ensure that the detox
pathways are clear. These pathways are the liver, kidneys, digestive tract, lymphatic system, respiratory system and skin. They are constantly working to detox the body and keep it free from toxins. Obviously, what we put in has a huge effect on our toxic burden and we can help things move along by eating a supportive diet.
Homeopathic remedies to support detox could include remedies which support the liver eg Carduus marianus; Chelidonium; Nux-vomica. Remedies to support the kidneys: Berberis; Cantharis. Skin: Levico aqua; Berberis aquifolium. Lymph support: Phytolacca; Baryta carbonica. (From Burnett rediscovered, Dion Tabrett)
(Note: this is for information only and should not be taken as medical advice or to self prescribe. Remedies should always be prescribed on an individual basis to match the presenting symptoms and the person as a whole.)