I thought I would broach a difficult and sometimes awkward subject – suicidal thoughts. and how homeopathy can help.
I’ve spoken to lots of people with Lyme over the years and I don’t think any of them has not had feelings of ending it all at one point or another, myself included. There were days when the illness was so bad that I just couldn’t imagine another day of suffering.
So, what did I do?
Straight away I spoke to someone about how I was feeling. This helped in some way to dissipate the feelings. A problem shared and all that.
Then I got in touch with my practitioner and she immediately recommended a remedy which matched my feelings and the emotions I was going through.
I recall reading that suicide is the highest cause of death in those with Lyme – and frankly I’m not surprised. Sometimes its hard to keep our heads above water and carry on.
Whilst its vital to find a practitioner to work with that we can trust, and talk to about this, I’m also going to look at some remedies we can consider for when we have suicidal thoughts.
Aurum: the aurum group of remedies are King when it comes to suicidal ideation.
Aurum-ars: weary of life. Averse to being spoken to.
Aurum metallicum: Tendency to suicide and a longing for death. Disgust of life.
Aurum muriaticum: Frequent weeping, Tired of life.
Aurum muriaticum kalinatum: Self pity. Depression and anger.
Arsenicum album: Fear of death yet fear of living. Anxiety about health.
Natrum Suplhuricum: Suicidal impulses. Depression, worse for music and mellow light.
Staphysagria: Deep feelings of worthlessness, severe depression.
These are just a few of the remedies that we could consider for suicidal thoughts and feelings and they would need to be matched to the overall picture of the person.
I know its a hard thing to talk about and often hard to reach out. But, please do!
There are lots of helplines around the globe to support you through this.