I thought I would write up something about which remedies we can consider for joint involvement with Lyme. So, here is a selection of remedies to consider for joint pains in Lyme disease:

Lyme disease
Dulcamara: Lyme with arthritis and swollen glands. Rheumatic troubles induced by damp and cold and aggravated by the cold. Pains are somewhat relieved by moving about. Stiffness. Aching, tearing pains.
Kalmia: Lyme with heart and joint problems. Arthritis, swelling of the joints. Wandering, shooting pains. Neuralgic pains which shoot downwards. Aching, bruised, stiff feeling. Pain alternating with cardiac symptoms or moving between upper and lower limbs.
Lathyrus sativus: Rheumatism. Limbs feel hard and contracted. Feels like the floor is irregular.
Mercurius: Lacerating pains in joints. Limbs are weak. Complaints increase during sweat and rest.
Rhododendron: Stiffness but aching. Worse in the morning. Cracking in the joints. Better hot water, baths, massage. Symptoms are worse before an approaching storm.
Rhus tox: Pains are better for motion. Stiffness. Limbs are stiff and paralysed. Joints are hot and painful. Worse cold, wet, rainy weather. Worse on the left hand side.